Refreshment ! Mitama Bunny Hair DOWNLOAD

9:20 AM

After a long and fresh vacation. I guess i had to start working on the New Year Projects, huh?
Well this is frustrating for me. I guess I'm the only person who release 4 mods in two weeks.
Some Sims 4 modder only release them like twice in a month. wow
But i really grateful how my blog got instant 9000 views over this past days

But if you look again, I'm doing the sims 4 mod for fun. in the first place.
I'm not going to push over myself to do all the Requests
Despite I'm not really a big Yandere Simulator fans
and SimsNoodle is not about Yandere Simulator x Sims 4 Blog
Like other Sims 4 Mod website. It's full of random things

In the past days, People keep requesting some Yandere Simulator Characters's Hair over and over.
I just released the new one and why keep begging a new one again?
Could you guys be patient?
We are all human here. we got our daily live work and responsibility.
Just want to inform you things
For the Mods not showing up bug.
 To be honest,
I have no idea how to fix them again.
Yes i'm a noob modder

I recommended people to DOWNLOAD the cracked Skidrow Version Sims 4 + ALL DLC and City Living

yea probably i did promoted pirated stuff..
but i like pirated stuff so deal with it..

I like cute stuff ok so deal with it??
if you want to
Well yeah i was making this in short hour because it was fun
It was taken from ECO Game (c) Gungho

an btw if you want the shimakaze costume and stuff 
you could fine them here
not mine though

I also put the MMD Model for DOWNLOAD if you want to in my another blog


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