Thanks for all your support! NEW YEAR PROJECTS

2:59 AM

We have reached 6000 Views in the past two weeks
What a miracle..

Thank you guys for all your support to my blog

For everyone who had a specific request please BE PATIENT

Yes, I will convert all the Rivals Hair if they released in the game
Here is my New Year Projects
-Fixing Osana chan Glitch (Add Custom Thumbnail and Swatches)
-Budo Masuta ( No i wont do the other members yet) (If you guys had a martial arts costume please tell me)
-Cult Boys Hair (no swatches)
-Musume Ronshaku
-The Nurse Rival Hair and Ebola Chan (2 mods in one pack)
-Rainbow 6 (Divided with two mods each pack release)
Pack release plans :
Kokona and saki miyu
Koharu Hinata and Mei Mio
Yuna Hina and Yui Rio
-Pippi Osu and Ryuto??

-More projects like the new Characters like Nemesis-Chan
Yes i will Convert them


Let's Play Sims 4 City Living Part 1

4:49 AM

Sims 4 City Living is another expansion pack like Get Together but this expansion was the Apartment and the City vibe. I lived in the city and the apartment once so this pack will make me relateable

We are going to play with our two new characters here
Info chan hair teaser..
The clothes and the accesesory sucks i know but makes me more excited to play
I used the new expansion Trait (Unflirty) so she got akward when people falls in love

Rival chan recolored hair with Touhou character dress 
Her name is Ximena and yeah she is a bitch ;)

This two roomates will live in this small cheap apartement

Ok it sucks you cant build your own apartement floor
and they got rent system for this apartement room 600$ every month


Is my blog a Virus?

1:32 AM

#Update : We already resolve this problem..If you guys got a Malware Problem or sort 
I'll try to fix it

So not long ago i tried to promote my sims blog to a Sims 4 mods Facebook group

 this guy named Robbie Young who is the admin of the group started to accused my blog for a virus.. 


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