Uniforms Skins and Glitches..

10:11 PM

 Persona Skin, Original Blood Skin, Galaxy Skin
 Gfanny Skin by sweet-bun-love and Uhh??
the glitches is killing me..
could anyone help me lol

Some skin I’ve been added to the Yandere Uniform Clothes I ported.
I want to thank you for some skin creators and i forgot their names ( Most of them from deviantart)
 please tell me to credit you
I need some tim to release this mod because the leg glitches ( well it’s fine in the cas but not in the game..)
please recommended me some skins you wanted in this mod


Sorry for long update...New Suprise!!!

5:48 AM

Sorry for long update. i needed some rest and busy with school
i want to hank Grimgram, Dracofoxsniper, and casfulleditmode for supporting me by my side
after all those stupid drama's has been going on lately by (YOUKNOWWHO)

I want to thank you casfulleditmode and sims4studio (patiently helping me to finally converted clothes mod)
it's been a long journey (hahaha) but it's worth it..

The Yandere Simulator Original Converted Uniform :3

if you got skin you like
you could put it in as a swatches

sakura test skin (by someone ><)

and the boobs is scretched all you like

for the release i will test it out
got some skin request? please tell it will be put in the release~


Mei Overwatch Hair WIP

8:28 PM

Overwatch - Mei Hair WIP
Ripped from Blizzard Entertaiment
Next I’wll try rip the costume
winglysimmer inspire me xD


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